Sunday, October 10, 2010

Follow up from grain/calcium treatment and enzyme discussion

The appointment with Pamala went well last week...I think. Muscle test for grain/calcium was strong.

We discussed enzymes and I came away with #12 based on some physical observations she made that indicate a weakness in the gut. Not big news there.

I chose to take time off from the grain treatments to concentrate on Almonds. The muscle test was actually pretty funny. I had absolutely NO strength. I was treated and afterward the muscle was quite strong. I stayed totally away from almonds until this morning when, instead of picking every last one out of my favorite gluten free granola, I at them all. So far today NO reaction at all. Usually, I'd begin to have some gut distress and "issues." Nothing. I'll be happy about that if I can now have the freedom to enjoy almonds.

I'm taking the enzymes with every meal. I'm to check in by phone with Pamala after a week to let her know if I've had some RLS relief. No problems last night.
Next appointment is October 21.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back for one more round...or whatever...

In the past months I've had a couple of bouts of insomnia that pushed me toward the edge. As I've communicated in the past, my job and life is extremely stressful. Without adequate sleep I'm toast.

I've discussed this with my Natural Practitioner and her opinion is that I've given up too soon. She and another man from New York with whom I've become acquainted through Facebook, agree that combination testing/treatments are in order. John Crandall told me he had one patient he treated every week for three (3) years with the basic 15 and then with combinations before she was able to resume a normal diet. Let's see...52 x $50 a treatment= $7800. That's a lot of time and money. Although, I guess worth it IF I could get a guarantee. There's only one guarantee of I know in life and that is that God is in control and I can trust Him.

I still have quite a lot of trouble with Restless Leg Syndrome too. Enough that it keeps me from sleeping well too often. At this point that's been pretty much the focus for my return treatments. I'm taking digestive enzymes and doing some exercises for about a month. I don't see any improvement, but the exercises have helped me to have more flexibility. That's good.

I've had a couple of combination treatments. Grain and egg/chicken mix; grain and calcium mix and if I remember a grain and sugar mix. After the last treatment I didn't have a retest. I had an appointment that somehow didn't make it on the appointment records, so I rescheduled. Then I got to thinking about the cost of the enzymes (NOT cheap!) and the family budget. So, I cancelled all appts for a month while I tried the enzymes. I've been faithful to take them 3 times a day as directed with no improvement with RLS.

Tomorrow at my appointment we will discuss this and more. I've not sure where I'm going to go from here. Pamala has been more than fair and offered treatments at a reduced rate which has been very welcome. Chuck is hesitant for me to continue treatments when I haven't achieved any real appreciable/major results. When I sleep I sleep well, but there are nights that it seems no matter what I do the RSL just won't go away. This week I've had a couple of those nights and I'm whipped.

I used to get little cracks from blisters in the corners of my mouth all the time even when, as far as I knew I was gluten free. I haven't experienced that for several months. That IS a relief as they are quite painful.

I'm going to resume posting for awhile to keep a record of all that goes on. For now I'll record that the enzymes I take are Enzyme Solutions Formula # 11 three times per day along with Private Label (Distributed by Enzyme Formulations, Inc) Pro-NH3-3 capsules, 3 times per day. Both at any time. I take in the morning, mid afternoon and in the late evening.
I'm also taking as needed Enzymatic Gluten-Ease. I take 2-3 whenever I eat out if there is a risk what I'm eating may not be totally safe. I can't eat something like bread or other heavy gluten food and not have a reaction if I take these, but I am not having periodic issues as I have all along.

One very positive thing is that there are LOTS more good gluten free choices than just a few years ago. I've been introduced to Katz Gluten Free out of New York. Their products are excellent. Again it's expensive especially with shipping.

My local store is beginning to carry a considerably larger selection of gluten free products. It's easier. I'd still prefer to be able to eat normally.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Well...I tried.

I had three (2) NAET treatments for grain mix and one (1) laser treatment for grain.

For the last month or so I've eaten a number of foods that contain gluten. I've had various results.Some foods I didn't seem to have any symptoms at all. With some I had burning around my mouth and the start of blisters in the corners of my mouth. I was able to take communion on the first Sunday of June with no enzymes and had no problems. Still, the burning around my mouth and occasional uncomfortable feeling in my gut seemed to me to be an indication that all was not well. I thought though if that was the worst of it, and I could be assured of no internal damage, I'd be OK with those minor symptoms if I wanted to enjoy something that contained gluten.

The main thing that has had me concerned is possible internal damage of which I'm not aware until I get really sick. One experience of that was enough thank you very much. What I went through before being diagnosed and beginning a gluten free diet was misery.

Last week for the first time in three years I had a canker sore in my mouth. I grew up having canker sores so severe my mom took me to the Doctor. We tried various vitamins, etc. Nothing helped.

When I first realized something was really wrong, I had gone through several months of extreme personal stress. I had blisters on my lips and what I thought at first where severe, multiple canker sores. After numerous trips to the Dr and urgent care I realized what I had were blisters that sort of ran together and my mouth was like one large open blister. Not really a canker sore. I have several bouts of these before a PA thought to run a blood panel to test for Celiac.

Since going gluten free in July 2007 I have not had one canker sore. I've had minor lip blisters when I have ingested gluten by accident.

So when I got a canker sore I took that as a sign of trouble. Still, though I wasn't too alarmed.

I had dinner last night with Barbara who works for me at Red Lobster and decided to try a cheese biscuit. Before I ate I took enzymes including one formulated for gluten intolerance--meant to be sort of a safety net when I am not eating at home and ingredients are doubtful. Within an hour I became very ill with gut issues and pain that lasted all evening. I couldn't have eaten anything else if I'd wanted to. I'm better today, but there is still some lingering gut distress.

So, that's it. I am convinced that for whatever reason the treatments did not work to eliminate the gluten intolerance. Yes, I am very disappointed. I had so hoped I could buy and eat normal food. Obviously this is not to be.

However, I did achieve benefits I had not counted on. Since February since I began NAET treatments I've slept better than any time in my life. Also have not had to take antacids as I did--two, three or more a day. I think I deal with stress better and overall have a feeling of well being.

This, of course does not discount stressful personal and professional situations. My life is full of stress and it affects me a lot, but I do thing I am more balanced. Probably partly to do with NAET treatments and partly that since the beginning of the year I have turned my expectations of people and what I had hoped my life would be over to the Lord. I want Him to control my emotions. Because in certain situations I have learned I can't expect too much, I am not as angry and frustrated at the situation or the person.

Anyway, I guess that's it. I've been praying God would make it clear to me what I needed to do, and I think this is my answer. Too bad. I've enjoyed eating some things I haven't been able to have in a long while.
The good thing is that gluten free foods are improving (Huge improvement in just three years!!) and more available.

It could be worse. I could have cancer or a disease for which I need invasive treatments or surgery. I think the suggestion, "Count your blessings" is in order here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I had my last treatment yesterday. The laser treatment (courtesy of my sweet sister) was a combination of the last four substances (yeast, acid, base, hormones)along with some white flour added to good measure.

Laser treatment purportedly accomplish the same outcome as NAET except it is broader in scope and for the last four treatments the cost would have been $200. for the last four NAET treatments. The laser treatment is $125 and there is no avoidance. This is especially helpful with my life as nutty as it is right now.

I have decided to try some enzymes (#32) to aid digestion and encourage any healing that needs to take place in the gut. There may be issues that prevent proper absorption of nutrients of which I am not aware. I've been taking the enzymes for about a week now---when I remember. I'm to take 2 after the first bite of each meal. I forget even when I get them out of the container and put them by my plate. Today at lunch I completely forgot. I'm sure it will become a habit. I've had no obvious improvement or results of which I am aware; however, I understand that good health is achieved over time, so I'm willing to wait and see. For the first time in a long time I had indigestion after dinner tonight. Nothing I ate was out of the ordinary. I took an antacid (The symptoms were bad enough that I needed some relief.). I have no idea what that was about. I had NO gluten, so it was kind of encouraging really. It helped me to remember that not every symptom is a result of gluten ingestion. I need to keep that in mind.

I am honestly not sure of exactly where I am with the gluten issue for which I considered NAET in the first place. The last gluten I ate was the chicken sandwich on Saturday. At that time I had no reaction that I could feel. Since I have very little stuff that contains gluten which I eat regularly in my house, it isn't all that easy. Just as I don't drink my calories, I do not eat anything I don't REALLY want. If there is something for dinner I don't like; I don't eat or I'll have popcorn. So, there is no way I am porking out on just anything.

I'll be eating out tomorrow night and I plan to choose something with gluten. Still thinking about the choice.

I would say I am a little confused or perplexed is perhaps a better term, at this point. I don't know. I guess I expected for something spectacular to happen to affirm my bodies adverse reaction to gluten has been cleared. No fireworks. No visitation from an angel, "Lo, enter thou in to Glutenland." Everything is and feels sort of neutral.

As I was praying about this the other day I was asking The Lord if He would just make it clear to me one way or another. He reminded me (YES! God does speak to those who listen. Not in an actual audible voice, but it is spiritually audible and just as clear as any conversation I have with anyone.)about the time I took to seek His counsel about the treatments in the first place, and that He gave me a clear direction to have the treatments at the time. Everywhere I turned and everyone I spoke with validated the treatments and encouraged me to do it. Strangers came out of the woodwork and friends I wasn't aware even knew about NAET joined the conversation because they'd either done it or knew someone for whom the treatments had been successful. Just the fact that someone I know, but hadn't seen in many years felt compelled to contact me about the treatments, seems to me (Because I know how God works)to be Spirit-led.

So, back to the reminder I had over the weekend. Based on all that I've decided to just go slow and see what happens. I don't think I'll ever eat like I used to because I've realized I can do quite well without the bread, etc on a regular basis. At this age I need all the help I can get to keep my weight down. This is a good way to do it.

One very special thing I am thrilled about: I participated in communion on Sunday with no gluten enzymes and a full piece of the cracker. NO PROBLEMS!!! I am SO thankful for that. There is no where in the Bible that says if you don't participate in communion God is not pleased. But as a believer in Jesus it is a special time to remember His sacrifice for me.I am glad to be able to do that without worry--or the need to remember to bring the gluten enzymes and water. And then to feel self-conscious as I try to choose a small piece.

I do want to tell anyone who is reading this and considering NAET--DO IT! I have benefited in ways that have been a totally unexpected gift. Like being able to sleep and the Restless Syndrome now being manageable. Pamala said she wants it gone, and perhaps I'll work toward that. It would be wonderful to have it gone after suffering my entire life. I go to sleep in one spot now and I wake up in pretty much the same spot and I generally feel refreshed and rested. For me, that's a miracle and that alone is worth all the time and expense I've invested.

I am sure I will continue to go in for other treatments. Like almonds. That and walnuts were in the list of foods my body is sensitive to, and I like nuts a lot. (You are what you eat!)

I have grown to enjoy my weekly visits with Pamala, Kim, Rochelle, Cory and the others who are there at the wellness center working or getting treated. Lots of wonderful people most of which love the Lord Jesus. I appreciated the times of sharing what God is doing and being prayed for and over. No one can ever be prayed with, for or over too much.

As I test and try this out I will update for the benefit of whoever may Google "NAET and gluten intolerance" as I have so often. Also to continue to keep an accurate record of my experience.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Still praying about all of this

After I had the eclair on Thursday I had no other gluten until yesterday when I had a chicken sandwich at Carl's Jr.

I ate it all with no ill effects at all--none that I detected anyway. So, I am still ruminating about all this.

How do I know that even though I might not exhibit overt symptoms that I am not doing a number on my system??

I am scheduled for my official last treatment tomorrow, so I suspect we will be discussing this. I've done some research on the Internet and haven't been successful in finding any more info than that which I've already read.

I'm going to eat something else today.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Go for broke

I had a grain laser treatment on Tuesday. Muscle test before treatment was VERY strong. Reading after laser treatment strong.

Today I decided to try something with gluten and see what happens. I was walking to my hair appt when I spotted Martha Green's bakery. I decided if I get sick I might as well get sick on something I like. I got a small eclair. (Pastry with custard filling and dark chocolate glaze.)

I ate part of it before my appt and the rest after. Result? Not sure. I have been very tired this week due to a lot of things. After I ate the eclair my lips seemed to burn a little for a while. Gone now two hours later. No gut burn or pain, but I do have a feeling of fullness-kinda like something didn't settle right. Don't know if that's because I ate the whole thing and then had dinner (didn't eat much) or if I am experiencing some gastro distress. Not sure where to go from here, and not sure what this means for me.

I did take enzymes (formula 32) I am trying, so don't know if that played into any of this.

I guess I'll try something tomorrow and see what happens.

Frankly, I am feeling pretty down right about now. I was really hoping I'd have a "no-doubt I am ok" response. Instead it's iffy. I am really sick of the restrictions of being gluten free and the problems and distress that I experience with almost everything I eat anywhere I go unless I stay home. I am tired of paying through the nose for a package of something that is full of extra fat and sugar that add calories because most gluten free baked goods are made with flours that have little flavor/nutrition.

So right now I am in a funk. I'm tired from a rough couple of weeks and disappointed that the treatment results are not more conclusive.

That's all I'm saying right now.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial day update...

No big plans today. The board of directors scheduled a meeting to interview the person I selected to fill the volunteer coordinator's position.

So, I can't get embroiled in anything since I have to show up at 3 PM.

Yesterday I had food from Panda Express (Hey! I love it and I figure if I'm going to do this I might as well have what I like!)again. Today I finished the leftovers for lunch. So far nothing.

I have to say I've tried to use caution and not go overboard since I don't really KNOW where I am with all this. I've been doing some research to try and find out how this actually works in reality; not just in theory. Up to now it's all been "what if..." and now I have no symptoms and I'm wondering if it's because my body is stronger at this point, but will eventually break down again. I'm wondering (to be honest) if this is temporary, or is this a permanent freedom I can enjoy?

I have no desire to do anything foolish and get as sick as I was at the point of my diagnosis for celiac disease. On the other hand, if it's the real deal and I don't accept it, it's like being thirsty, but afraid to take a drink of water because of...?

Laser treatment tomorrow. I'm assuming we'll do a muscle test prior to the treatment. That should be interesting.

For now enjoy those burgers and hot dogs at your Memorial Day BBQ.

Hot dog??? Now, there's a thought. Not that I really like them all that much, but it may be I could eat a hot dog. (Costco: hot dog and soda less than $2.)